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jasmin is designed for individual travellers. Travellers must sign up separately and are limited to one account only. However, jasmin members can have up to 10 members in the family account.

If the ticket booked is refundable, the total amount (cash & points) will be refunded after the penalty deduction.

Points will be automatically credited after the flight. This may take up to 7 days after the flight date.
If this deadline is exceeded, we invite you to claim your points either online at nouvelair.com or by contacting our jasmin team.

You can access your account by using your jasmin ID. Once logged in, you can update you information under "My info" menu.

By becoming a member of a family account, 100% of your reward points will be automatically transferred to the head of the family account.

If a member wishes to separate from the Family account, they can do so by asking the head of the family or by contacting jasmin team.

The head of the family and the family members must be registered individually as jasmin members. Only the family head can add family members. In order to create a family account, please sign in.

A member (the head of the family) can appoint up to ten (10) family members to join the family account. Eligible family members are spouses, parents, siblings, children and grandparents.

It is an account that allows family members to pool their reward points into one account, allowing them to benefit from our rewards more quickly.

You can choose to pay by credit card by bank cheque or by cash.

No, tier points only allow you to reach Silver and Gold tier

No. Points cannot be used to pay taxes. Taxes must always be paid with money.

Yes, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to use your points. You can choose a combination of points and money to book your reward. Choose the cash & points option to make up the difference with money.

You can use your points for all nouvelair's scheduled flights.

The accumulated tier points are only used to determine the tier of member.

Tiers allow members to get a wide range of benefits. Click here to discover the advantages of each tier.

Yes, jasmin program allows members to book their tickets and services via the cash & points option.

The points' use is very easy, check our prices in points and visit our points of sale to request an award ticket or a service +
You can also contact jasmin team by phone or email.

As ticket prices change regularly, the points required to pay for a flight also vary according to the destination, day of the week, season and also according to the fare group.

You can use the points to book a flight for anyone you desire, including babies.

Tickets paid entirely with points or cash & points is considered as regular reservation. Members shall pay the applicable fees and fare differences.

Yes, you can claim missing points on a flight you have completed up to 6 months after the date of travel. Log in to your account or contact the jasmin team to request your missing points.

The number of jasmin reward points earned for your flight will depend on the fare paid. Points are also earned for services additional booked. For example, if you buy a flight from Tunis to Paris and spend 300 TND, not including taxes and fees, these 300 TND will earn you 300 reward points.

jasmin points can be earned by purchasing flights or additional services with nouvelair. Points earned based on the fare paid for flights and additional services, excluding airport taxes.

You can choose a seat at the check-in counter, depending on availability. Reward points will be credited to your account depending on the seat category.

Very easy! Simply mention your jasmin number when making your next online booking, via our call centre or through our points of sale.

In addition to flights, you can also earn points on baggage allowance, meals on board, seat selection, priority services, etc.

After completing the flight. Points you have recently earned may take up to 7 days after the flight date to be credited into your account.

A ticket booked using the points does not earn you reward points.

It's really very simple, click here to sign up online. You can also register for jasmin by calling jasmin team service at (+216) 70 020 980 / (+216) 36 020 980.

Yes, the program is open to all children aged 2 years or older. However, the application form must be completed on his behalf by one of the parents.

Yes. You can sign up offline by calling jasmin team. You can also fill out the forms available at nouvelair points of sale.

jasmin allows you to earn two types of points: Reward and Tier points.

Reward points can be earned by travelling with nouvelair and by booking additional services. It can be used to get a reward such as a ticket or an additional service. 

Tier points can be earned by travelling on eligible flights with nouvelair as well as by paying for your purchases of additional services.

Tier points give you access to a higher status allowing you to benefit from number of exclusive advantages. Your tier will be valid for14 months and will be determined by the number of tier points accumulated or the number of qualifying flights made during a one sliding year.

jasmin is a loyalty program that nouvelair offer to its passengers. By becoming a member, you can earn points on flights or additional services you purchase such as meal and seat selection, baggage allowance, priority services, etc. Reward points can be used to pay for flights or purchase additional services.

jasmin offers you a wide range of benefits including the ability to earn points for flights and for additional services, such as baggage allowance, meal and seat choices.

Yes, reward points are valid for 24 months from the date they are earned.
Tier points are valid for a 1 sliding year.

jasmin points are not transferable.

The accumulated tier points allow you to access a wide range of benefits. Click here to discover the advantages of each tier.