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TUNIS and the Carthage Coast

Between Antiquity and Modernity

Barely a stone’s throw from mythical Carthage, the village of Sidi-Bou-Saïd has a charm of its own.
From the historic Medina, a listed World Heritage site, to the modernity of Avenue Bourguiba via Carthage and the elegance of Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunis offers visitors a trip through several centuries of history.

Tunis and its Medina
A Unesco World Heritage site with an old-world charm, Tunis has managed to keep intact its combination of modern districts and traditional medina.

The Carthage Coast

This is where it all began, on the Mediterranean coast with its golden beaches and impressive Gulf. The history of Tunisia is associated with the Holy Roman Empire and Carthage is testimony to that.

Must-See Sites

The Medina

At the heart of Tunis is a labyrinthine tangle of streets that is still unspoiled after more than five hundred years. Visitors will love strolling through the winding lanes and soaking up the old-time charm of the souks, or pushing open a heavy carved door into the cool courtyard of one of the many Arabic-Andalusian palaces (the “Dar”).  These narrow streets sprawl around the Muslim-Arab building known as the Zitouna Mosque, a fairy-tale mosque dating back to 698.


Tunis - Medina

Modern Tunis

Avenue Bourguiba is the nerve center of modern Tunis and offers passers-by a plethora of welcoming cafés and restaurants.

Bardo Museum

The world-famous Bardo Museum brings together a fine collection of Roman mosaics. In keeping with its proximity to Carthage, the Museum gives a prominent place to the Phoenician period, Prehistory and Islamic art.


A few kilometers from Tunis, Carthage is a unique site that testifies to Tunisia’s glorious past.

Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, it was rebuilt by the Romans.

Here, you can visit the remains of the Antonine Baths and the Roman villas and theatre. The highly informative Museum will tell you all about the city’s history.

There are stunning views of the ocean from Byrsa hill.

Carthage monuments

Baudelaire, Rimbaud and a host of other poets and writers made Sidi Bou Saïd their summer residence. Tunisia’s tourists flock to the dazzling white village with its blue doors and shutters.
Overlooking the Bay of Tunis, the village provides an unrivalled panorama of the Bay of Tunis. Visitors can drink mint tea in the famous Café des Nattes, or sample delicious grilled fish in the renowned Café des Délices.

sidi bousaid tunis

Gammarth Abbey

Bursting with restaurants and cafés and a vibrant nightlife. Gammarth is one the swankiest districts of Tunis. Revelers will love it.

The district La Marsa to the north of Tunis

A quarter embodying the mix of tradition and modernity that characterizes Tunis. The Place du Safsaf is steeped in cultural heritage and heady with traditional fragrances. This coastal town boasts the most fashionable restaurants in Tunis.

History of the City

The history of Tunis, Tunisia’s first city, began even before the history of Carthage. Evidence of the locality dates back to the early fourth century BC As a result of its strategic geographical position, it was coveted by all the Mediterranean civilisations and passed successively under the rule of the Berbers, the Phoenicians, the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Spanish, Ottomans, and so on.

In the immediate vicinity of Carthage. It became the capital of Tunisia in 1229. Confirmed in its status after Independence, it also became the headquarters of the Governorate of the same name on its creation in 1956.


Aqua Park 
Tried and tested by millions of visitors, the Tunis amusement park offers something for everyone with a stunning array of 25 attractions, all in a tropical setting. 

The colors of Tunis change after dark, when it sheds its city-office clothes and turns into a city that throbs to a party rhythm. There are plenty of nightlife activities to choose from.


Tunis city center is connected to the outer suburbs by metro, with lines to La Manouba and the Bardo Museum, Ben Arous and El Menzah.

To visit the northern suburb of La Goulette, or Marsa and Sidi Bou Said, we recommend you take the TGM Metro.

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Flexibility (days)
Under 12 years
Under 24 months
Practical information
Best time to visit

The Mediterranean climate makes it ideal to visit all year round.

Winter is mild and it can be quite hot in summer.

What to wear?

From spring to fall, take light clothing.

Time zone

GMT + 1.


Arabic is the official language. However, the Tunisians speak a dialect imbued with western languages.

French is widely spoken.

Flight times

The main French cities are about two hours’ flight time from Tunis-Carthage Airport.

Other European cities are less than a 4-hour flight away.

Airport Information

Tunis-Carthage Airport is 8 km
from the city center.

Nouvelair flights: Terminal 2

Check-in opens two and a half hours before departure


Tunisian dinar (TND)