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Travel To Strasbourg

The capital of Alsace

European capital and capital of Alsace, Strasbourg is a young and dynamic city. Museums, theaters, operas, concert halls, festivals ... Everything is within reach! On foot or by bike, do not hesitate to visit the different neighborhoods of the city of because each has a distinct identity, closely linked to its history and its inhabitants. The city center brings together the main places and monuments that make Strasbourg such a renown city, the Great Cathedral, an absolute masterpiece of Gothic art that was built between 1015 and 1439, Maison Kammerzell, a historic restaurant where you can taste The best Alsatian culinary specialties or the landmark neighborhood  of Petite France. Nouvelair operates two flights per week to Strasbourg.


Notre-Dame cathedral:

Nothing prepares you for your first glimpse of Strasbourg's Cathedral, completed in all its Gothic grandeur in 1439. The lace-fine façade lifts the gaze little by little to flying buttresses, leering gargoyles and a 142m spire. The interior is exquisitely lit by 12th- to 14th-century stained-glass windows, including the western portal's jewel-like rose window. The Gothic-meets-Renaissance astronomical clock strikes solar noon at 12.30pm with a parade of figures portraying the different stages of the life of Jesus with his Apostles. 

Cathedrale Notre Dame 

Palais Rohan :

Hailed a ‘Versailles in miniature’, this opulent 18th-century residence is replete with treasures. The basement Archeological Museum Archéologique takes you from the Paleolithic period to AD 800. On the ground floor is the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, where rooms adorned with Hannong ceramics and gleaming silverware evoke the lavish lifestyle of the nobility in the 18th century. On the 1st floor, the Musée des Beaux-Arts collection of 14th- to 19th-century art includes El Greco, Botticelli and Flemish Primitive works.

 Palais Rohan strasbourg


The site of Strasbourg is occupied since the age of Bronze. The Romans built the camp of Argentoratum. The Roman city lost importance to the fall of the empire and from 496, the Francs set up a new city. In the Middle Ages the city enjoyed a growing prosperity. It was attached to France with Alsace in 1681. In 1870, after the defeat of France against Prussia, Strasbourg with Alsace were annexed by Germany. At the end of the World War I, France recovered it in 1918, before it lost it again in 1940 to Nazi Germany. After the war, Strasbourg became the seat of the Council of Europe in 1949, the Court of Human Rights in 1950, in 1952 the European Coal and Steel Community and in 1979 the European Parliament.


Le Vaisseau:

Science is never boring at this interactive science and technology museum, 2.5km southeast of central Strasbourg. There are plenty of hands-on activities to amuse little minds, from crawling through an ant colony to creating cartoons and broadcasting the news. 

Address : 1bis rue Philippe Dollinger, Strasbourg

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday –  10am – 6pm


Alsatian museum strasbourg 

Spread across three typical houses from the 1500s and 1600s, with creaky floors and beautifully restored wood-panelled interiors, this museum dips into rural Alsatian life over the centuries. Costumes, toys, ceramics, folk art, furniture and even a tiny 18th-century synagogue are on display in the museum’s two dozen rooms.

Address: 23 quai St-Nicolas, Strasbourg.

Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday 10am - 6pm  


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The cosmopolitan capital of Alsace offers a unique combination of French and German culture. Strasbourg is one of the best destinations in Europe especially in the winter with its Christmas markets. Street Food and the typical gastronomy of the city define the beauty of Strasbourg and provide you with lots of food delights. You will definitely find your favorite place there! For long or short trip, book your cheap flight and enjoy your vacation with Nouvelair. You will find the best prices with your airline company and you will spend a perfect journey in the French city.



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Under 12 years
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Practical information

All year round. Summer is hot but not too hot. The winter is cold but moderate, and the spring and autumn seasons are cool in the morning.


There can be snow in winter, so you should dress appropriately.


Strasbourg is at 2:15 flight from Tunis


From the start of October to the end of March: no time difference with Tunisia (GMT+1). From the end of March to the end of September, Nice is one hour ahead of Tunisia (GMT +2)


French as main language, German as a second language


Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport is situated 15 Km South-West of Strasbourg.


No visa is required for French nationals traveling in Tunisia while Tunisians require a visa to travel to France.


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