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The more you travel with nouvelair, the more points you earn, and the higher jasmin tier you get.

Discover all the advantages that allow you to enjoy the moments of tranquility and comfort during your trip.


You have 12 months to upgrade to a higher tier.

You are White member ?

Earn 6 000 tier points over a 12 month period and upgrade to the Silver tier. You enjoy its advantages for the next 14 months.

You are Silver member ?

You have a 12 month period beginning from the anniversary date of your silver tier :

- To earn 6 000 tier points to keep your tier

- To earn 12 000 tier points to upgrade to Gold. 

If, during these 12 months period, you earn less than 6 000 tier points in 12 months, you will be downgraded to the White.

You are Gold member ?

Earn 12,000 tier points or more and you keep your Gold tier for an extra 12 months.

If you didn't reach the 12 000 tier points during your qualification period, but yet you managed to earn more than 6 000 points, your tier will be downgraded to Silver.

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* Seat selection depend on availibility

* To enjoy the benefits offered by the program, please contact the jasmin team

* Lounge access for flights departing from Tunisia