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Terms & Conditions

1. Definition:

The following terms shall be defined as follows:

"Nouvelair": Limited company, registered in the commercial register under the number B18371996, having the tax number 296043ABM000, with headquarter in 14, Boulevard Habib CHRITA, 1002 Tunis.

"Company": Nouvelair owns the program and manages the program.

"Program": The loyalty program offered by Nouvelair and designed to reward members who travel frequently with Nouvelair.

"Communication" means all the communication used in the Program: Program brochures, Program letters, Program website and any other related type of Communication.

"Terms and Conditions": The general terms and conditions governing the Program.

"Member": A Program member who has been assigned a Program membership number and name appears on the card.

"PIN Code": A confidential access code allows the Member to access his account.

"Award Points": The points accumulated with Nouvelair or with its partners and which can be used to obtain a reward.

"Tier Points": The points accumulated with the Nouvelair to identify the level of the Member in the Program

"Reward": An advantage earned with the Program by redeeming points.

2. Generalities:

The general conditions govern the contractual relation between Nouvelair and Member. Nouvelair reserves the right to cancel, suspend, replace or transfer the ownership of the program, and reserves the right to change the program at any time. A Member may not, under any circumstances, form a fine for damages against the company as a result following a modification to the Program, its terms and conditions, the points winning or use structure and the participation of any partner in the program.

It’s the member’s responsibility to read the terms and conditions of the program, and the additional information in order to fully understand their rights and responsibilities.

The terms and conditions of the program are governed and interpreted according to the laws in force in Tunisia.
If the Member makes false statements that violates award rules or Program rules, all points expires as soon as nouvelair has notified the cancellation. In the event where the Program ends, nouvelair will do its best to inform Program Members in advance.

3. Membership:

3.1 Eligibility:

Participation in the program is free and open only to individuals aged two years and more, and have a mailing address in a country in which the program is being implemented.

Nouvelair reserves the right to reject the membership to anyone who does not qualify for the program.

Enrolment is prohibited for any legal person or entities.

3.2 Joining process:

Any eligible person wishing to join the program will have to register directly online via the company's website.

Once membership application has been accepted by Nouvelair, Member will have an individual account, a membership ID and a password to access his account. The membership ID will be required for any request relating to the account. The password will only be communicated to the member and he is the only responsible for the use of the password and should not disclose it to any third party.

The member guarantees the accuracy of all information communicated to the program and will be the only responsible for any incorrect or incomplete data. The member precisely agrees that nouvelair may, on a regular basis and at any time, check the account information and undertakes to provide the required information.

A member can enrol only once and can only have one account in his name. In a case of owing two accounts, the account with the highest tier and/or with the most points will be considerate.

By joining the Program, the Member agrees to receive any communication pertaining to the Program from Nouvelair and its partners.

4. Cancellation :

The present terms and conditions and any changes to it, will be deemed agreed if the member uses the program, or any reward or advantage offered by the program. If a member does not approve changes to the program, that member may cease his membership in accordance with the following paragraph.

Each party may end the contract at any time. The terms and conditions will always apply even after the termination of the contractual relationship. nouvelair will cancel the membership upon receiving the cancellation request, and the member will have three (3) months from that date of to use the accumulated points.

The violation of the conditions of carriage and/or the conditions of nouvelair sale policy, the abusive use of the program, the non respect of its policies and procedures, the sale and exchange of the rewards, any unacceptable behavior, including any unpleasant act or hate speech against any employee of nouvelair, undisciplined or inappropriate behavior on board, or any refusal to follow the instructions of the ground and/or on-board employees may result the cancellation of the membership, the deduction of the entire accumulated points and cancellation of unused issued rewards.

5. Points Accrual:

5.1 Points credit:

Each member is a holder of a personal account on which the points will be credited.

Points will be credited in the flying member’s account, regardless of who’s the person or the entity that paid the tickets or services, provided that the member has given his membership ID when booking the flight, at the time of ticket issue or when checking-in to the flight.

The member can collect points only for the flights he has actually made or services with the partners he actually benefited from.

Each member can verify that the points have been credited to his account by consulting his account online or contacting the customer service of the company.

Points and Rewards have no market value and cannot be converted into cash.

Nouvelair reserves the right to change the points accrual policy, it may at any time raise or reduce the rate of points accrual, exclude certain booking classes or fare categories. It may also increase or decrease the scale of ancillary services or exclude certain services from the range.

5.2 Points Validity:

Reward points stay valid for two (2) years.

The member must use the accumulated points on his account before expiry date. No credit claim will be accepted if the points expired.

The earned tier points are valid for a one (1) sliding year.

The tier of the member for the subsequent year will be determined by the number of tier points gained or by the number of qualifying flights completed during a sliding year.

Regardless of his tier, the program will assign to the member the new tier based on the number of tier points earned during the last 12 months.

5.3 Exclusion/ineligibility:

Qualifying lights allow Members to gain points under the present terms of the program. The accumulated points may be reduced for certain booking classes or fare types. Also are excluded from collecting points, reward tickets flight, free tickets or earned during a game, exchange tickets, promotional tickets, special tickets and charter flights. The services provided by partners accumulate points according to the program’s communicated terms.

Unused, confiscated, lost, expired or refunded tickets are also excluded from gaining points.

5.4 Retroactive credits:

Nouvelair will do its best to provide any credit points. However, the member is required to retain the necessary documents such as boarding passes and services invoices to provide it, if needed, for the retro claim credit.

The retro claim must be within six (6) months from the flight date.

Retroactive requests for services purchased from partners must be sent to the customer service department of the company.

5.5 Member participating in several programs:

Unless provided by Nouvelair or its partners, members participating in other loyalty programs can only earn points in one program. In such cases, members will be required to choose their program for each service.

6. Points Use:

Rewards may be subject to capacity restrictions or blocked at certain times, determined by nouvelair or by its partners.

Once the member accumulates the necessary point number, he is entitled to claim a reward in accordance with the procedures governing the issuance of rewards as described in the program’s communication.

6.1 Reward request:

Rewards can be requested either online through the member's account or by contacting the company's customer service. Only the member is empowered to request a reward.

The reservation and the procedures related to the reward may be modified by nouvelair.

The beneficiary of a discount would not obtain a reduction in the number of points necessary for the reward ticket.

All applicable taxes are the member’s responsibility and must be paid when the reward is issued whoever the beneficiary is.

Depending on the reward point use rate as defined by the Program on the date of the request, the member's account will be charged the amount of points corresponding to the requested reward.

Nouvelair reserves the right to change the rules of the rewarding process related to its flights and services.

6.2 Reward use:

Lost, stolen or expired rewards will not be refunded, replaced or extended.

Award tickets are subject to the standard fare conditions applicable on the paid tickets

If unused, the reward ticket cannot be reused or refunded. It is up to the member to check the conditions of the reward ticket use.

To travel with an infant under the age of two years, the adult travelling with a reward ticket will have to make a reservation for the infant, with the applicable fare terms.

Rewards are also subject to Nouvelair general conditions of carriage.

Nouvelair will make all efforts to ensure that the benefits being promoted as being available to members will truly be. However, Nouvelair may limit the number of rewards offered on some flights and cannot guarantee all time the availability for reward redemption. A member may therefore find no availability on a given flight or a particular reward.

All points and rewards will be earned and used in accordance with the rules enclosed in these terms and conditions.

7. Cash & Points:

A member can exchange a combination of cash and points for a reward ticket through the Cash & Points option. Points will be deducted from the member's account when booking.

Tickets booked with the cash & points option are subject to nouvelair carriage conditions.

All taxes (including airport and/or government taxes), customs duties and other charges are the member’s responsibility and must be paid by him.

The cash & points offer is subject to availability and offered at the sole discretion of nouvelair. The company reserves the right to withdraw the cash & points option at any time.

The ticket booked through the cash & points option does not give the right to gain points and it's considered a reward ticket. This ticket is subject to the fare conditions.

8. Family Pooling Account:

8.1 Eligibility:

The head of the family must be over 18 years old.

A family account member must be over two (2) years old and can only be registered in one family account.

A family account member must have a personal account.

The head of the family can assign, via the Call Center or in writing, a maximum of ten (10) members of his family to join the family account. Eligible family members are spouse, parents, siblings, children, grandparents

8.2 Family Account: Creation & Management

To create a family account, the main member must log into his account and add the sub member family account.

To add a member to the family account, the head of the family must provide the necessary supporting documents proving the relative relationship (identity document, birth certificate ...).  

Sub member must confirm by writing his approbation to join the family account. Then he will be duly member of the family account.

The head of the family account will be used as the family account.

All award points earned by a member after joining the family program will be credited to the family account.

Tier points will be accumulated individually in the sub member accounts and will not be pooled in the family account.

Only the head of the family has the ability to manage the family account.

Only the family head can access the family account through his personal account number.

The head of the family is authorized to make only three (3) additions and three (3) deletions per calendar year. No limitation will apply during the first month of the creation of the family account.

The head of the family can cancel a member's participation at any time. The deleted member can not in any case claim the credit of the points that have been versed into the family account when he was a sub member.

The nomination and registration of any family member will result in obligation of the family member to respect the terms and conditions of the program.

Any communication of the family program will be addressed to the head of the family.

8.3 Various:

In case where the head of the family dies, one of the family members has to inform nouvelair by writing within six (6) months. Otherwise the family account will be deleted.

Family Members over the age of 18 must assign another member to manage the account, in writing for Nouvelair. Otherwise, the balance will be distributed equally to all family members and the account will be deleted.

The points transfer is not allowed between family members.

nouvelair reserves, at any time and without prior notice, the right to cancel or take away the membership from any member of the family account.

9. Liability:

nouvelair declines all liability for any loss, death, injury, delay, damage in direct connection with the services, rewards and benefits provided by the partners of the program.

nouvelair is not liable for any loss or damage due the cancellation or change of the program. The company will do its best to promptly notify the member of any such changes.

The member is liable for any claim by third party, including tax authorities, related to his participation in the program.

If nouvelair or any partner denies a member credit for points, bonuses, or any other benefit, the exclusive solution available to such member is limited to the application for points credit, bonuses or denied benefit (if available) or any other comparable benefit, depending on the company’s decision.

10. Audit:

To ensure conformity with current applicable program rules and transportation terms, nouvelair reserves the right to review all program accounts at any time without notice.

nouvelair reserves, at any time and without prior notice, the right to audit the members’ accounts, paying particular attention to the source of the points and the use of the rewards. nouvelair also reserves the right to declare damages for any use or acquisition of points unduly.

If the audit reveals any irregularities or violations, the account of that member shall be suspended until the issue has been suitably resolved for nouvelair.

Until then, no redemptions or other transactions may be permitted and advantages offered by the program may be subject to suspension, at the sole discretion of nouvelair.

nouvelair reserves the right to deduct points from the account of any member who has fraudulently acquired points.

nouvelair reserves the right to exchange information with partners or their agents for audit purposes

11. Data protection:

By joining the program, members allow Nouvelair to keep and use their personal data.

All personal data collected is managed and used in accordance with the program privacy policy.

Members’ personal data may be used as follows:

- Exchanged confidentially between nouvelair and its partners for an appropriate execution of the program;

- to develop new partner product or service;

- for accounting and audit purposes (including fraud auditing);

- for credit checking and credit scoring;

- for marketing and communication purposes;

If the member objects on receiving offers from nouvelair or its partners, this member may, under certain terms, subject to Article 3 “Membership” mentioned above, withdraw it at any time by writing to Nouvelair.

12. Loyalty cards:

The membership card is personal and is not exchangeable or transferable.

Only the card holder, whose name appears on the card, is authorized to use it.

In case of loss, damage or theft of the card, the member must immediately inform nouvelair.

nouvelair declines any liability for any fraudulent use of the card or in case of non-respect of this previous clause by the concerned member.

nouvelair will mail the member his first physical card following the credit of the first paid flight with nouvelair.

The member must present his card at any time if requested by nouvelair when flying or by its partners during the use of services offered by the program.

In case of change of tier of a member, nouvelair will communicate him a new card relative to his new tier.