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Services +

Enjoy our services + with your earned points

Make the most of your trip with our additional services. For example, you can choose your favorite seat, relax in a VIP lounge or enjoy a delicious meal during your flight.

What are you waiting for? Use your points starting from now to book the services you desire

To book our services + using your points, please visit our points of sale or contact our jasmin  team by phone or email.

Seat Selection

You want to sit near the window or in the front rows? You want to select your preferred seat and avoid being separated from your family and friends during your trip. Your points allow you to choose the seat you prefer.

Standard Seat: 210 Points
Priority Seat : 350 Points
Seat + : 520 Points

Excess baggage

"With the extra baggage option, packing your bags becomes a pleasure! In addition to your baggage allowance, you can travel with more baggage and pay for it with points.

Price according to the weight of your excess baggage, please consult the following table.


All markets(except Turkey)

Excess baggage  (Level)


Price with reward points


20 €



45 €

1 970


70 €

3 065


130 €

5 690


220 €

9 625



Excess baggage  (Level)


Price with reward points


30 €

1 375


50 €

2 190

During Check-in

Excess baggage  (Per Kilo)


Price with reward points

1kg (France)



1kg (Other markets)



Meals on board

Use your points to have a delightful delicious culinary experience in the sky.

When you fly with nouvelair, you have the opportunity to enjoy fresh and tasty meals. You have a large selection of menus inspired from the Tunisian kitchen.

Premium Meal:

Hot Breakfast800 points

- Gourmand: 1200 points

- Marine : 1200 points

Economic Meal:

Hot Breakfast530 points

- Gourmand: 800 points

- Marine : 800 points

- Tounsi: 800 points

Special Meal:

0% Gluten: 800 points

- Child: 530 points

- Vegetarian800 points

VIP access

Undulge yourself, eat, browse your favorite magazines and newspapers... Use your points to enjoy a modern and elegant lounge at your service by nouvelair and its partners.

jasmin Gold members get free access.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The prices in points vary according to the airport of departure. please consult the following table.


Lounge Acces


Price with  reward points

Lounge Tunis Carthage

25 €

1 750

Elite Tunis Carthage

35 €

2 450

Lounge Monastir Habib Bourguiba

20 €

1 400

Elite Monastir Habib Bourguiba

25 €

1 750

Lounge Düsseldorf

30 €

2 100


Whether in the hold or cabin, your pet is welcome aboard with nouvelair.

Use your points to book in advance a place for your pet!

Pet in cabin : 1 200 Points  
Pet in Hold : 1 500 Points

Sports equipment

Book, using your points, to transport your sports equipment with nouvelair, the partner of your leisure activities. 

Golf Equipment: 300 Points
Other equipment (cycling, diving equipment, etc.): 1 350 Points