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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data you provide and we collect when completing your booking process or recording your use of our website, mobile site, mobile app, or when you post on social networks, publications or comments on our pages.

I. Who are we?

Nouvelair is a Tunisian private airline international transport whose registered office: 14 Boulevard Habib Chrita, city gardens Tunis in 1002.

Nouvelair operates from more than 130 European airports to / from Tunisia and serves more than 35 European countries namely: France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Benelux ... etc.

II. Protection of your personal data

As part of the use of its services, including the services available on its website, its mobile site and mobile applications, Nouvelair, as data controller, may collect and process personal data about you .

Nouvelair is concerned with respect for rules protecting the privacy of her passengers, prospects and visitors to its website, mobile site, mobile application, call center, sales points ...

All processing of personal data implemented as part of accessible services complies with regulations applicable to the protection of personal data in particular the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) or "GDPR".

III. Data may be collected

A. data collection means

Personal data relating to a person who can clearly be identified from that data, including name, address, telephone number, email address and request special services. The identification may be made using a single information or in combination with other information that is otherwise in the possession of the data controller or may come into his possession.

You may share your personal data through various means, including on our website, our mobile site, our mobile application, our call center, our sales points ... or through social networks.

When you contact our call center, your call may be recorded for the purpose of service quality improvement, prevention of litigation and malicious calls.

B. Purpose of treatment

Your data is mainly used for reservation purposes and purchase of tickets, provision of specific services or services: transport service, prospecting, customer loyalty, market intelligence, customer satisfaction surveys, new services and products to improve your customer experience on board our aircraft and airports, processing your requests and / or claims, the fight against fraud ...

For your implied consent, we analyze your data to provide you with offers tailored to your needs, preferences and interests. These offers may include among other discounts on air tickets or other services, and good provided in exchange for your participation in surveys. This may be of tenders from Nouvelair or our contract partners or other third parties. Offers may be submitted by e-mail, telephone or via push notifications. The processing of your data for different purposes mentioned above is necessary:

  • to ensure the execution of the contract of carriage,

  • to comply with a legal obligation (in particular ensure flight safety, perform the required immigration formalities with the authorities ...)

  • to develop new services and offerings, improve customer service ...

Specifically, your data are used to:

  • will process your booking and allow you to benefit from all the services or benefits available on the website, mobile and mobile website

  • you facilitate the purchase of ancillary services or products on our website, mobile site and mobile app.

  • contact you to keep you informed of any updates that affect your trip, contact you to provide the necessary assistance in order to complete the unconfirmed reservations, send you newsletters, ...

  • do the best match to our information, our notices, offers and other services to your interests

  • conduct customer satisfaction surveys for the purpose of analysis, quality improvement, service development, optimization of website performance, mobile site and mobile; evaluating the success of our advertising campaigns or dapting services to your needs

  • facilitate administrative formalities relating to immigration and meet regulatory requirements in this area

  • to prevent delinquency and fight against fraud

  • ensure the security and safety of flights.

In some cases, Nouvelair has to handle sensitive personal data, including health data, for example when requesting special assistance or when you provide us information about your ability to fly (such as the provision of oxygen, a wheelchair, a special meal, ...).

Without your consent, we cannot provide the requested services. However, we undertake not to use these data to perform the requested services. The transfer of your confidential personal data to third parties, may also be necessary in the delivery of our services.

IV. Our commitment to data protection

Nouvelair is committed to ensuring a level of protection of personal data of its customers, prospects, users of its website, its mobile site and mobile application and any other person it treats personal data.

Nouvelair agrees to comply with regulations applicable to all processing of personal data that it implements.

Nouvelair implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk inherent in its processing operations, meet regulatory requirements and protect the rights and data of the persons involved in the design of the processing operations. Moreover, Nouvelair ensures that its suppliers (providers, suppliers, etc.) apply an acceptable level of data protection.

To ensure the proper application of rules on the protection of personal data, Nouvelair has appointed a delegate to data protection. It also implements the appropriate internal procedures to educate its employees and ensure compliance with these rules within its organization.

Nouvelair is committed to keeping your personal data for a period not exceeding that necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. Moreover, Nouvelair keeps your personal data according to retention periods imposed by applicable laws.

If judicial or disciplinary proceedings are initiated, the personal data are kept until the end of the procedure, including any appeal, the data will be deleted later, if civil, upon expiry of limitation period of civil law.

In the case where data are processed on a consent, said data are processed to the cancellation of said consent.

V. Who is likely to access your data

Data collected during booking, registration, on the website of Nouvelair, mobile site, mobile application, call center, sales points ... may be communicated to authorized personnel Nouvelair, partners and accredited subcontractors, bank card companies, ... and its providers of ancillary services within the framework of the execution of all or part of the services you contracted. In this context, Nouvelair, asks its suppliers to implement strict measures of confidentiality and protection of such data. Moreover, and as with any airline, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations Nouvelair may be required to provide personal information to public authorities empowered (customs, immigration, fonts, etc ). Thus, we inform you that air carriers may be required to transmit the reservation data, registration and boarding of passengers (API / PNR) to governments and authorities empowered under treatment modalities and for the purposes set by regulations.

VI. How are your personal data protected?

Nouvelair meets its obligations under the laws on data protection as follows:

  • storing them safely

  • by failing to collect or retain unjustified excessive amount of data

  • protecting personal data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure and ensuring that appropriate technical measures have been taken to protect personal data.

We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, in particular where the processing involves the transfer of data via a network, and against all other unlawful forms of processing.

We pay special attention to securing the transmission of personal and financial data. The above data is transmitted from your computer to Nouvelair booking server via secure channels.

Nouvelair, has implemented the necessary technical and organizational measures, in view of the nature, scope and context of the personal data you provide and of the risks of their treatment, to preserve the security of your personal data and, in particular, prevent the destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, intrusion or unauthorized access to data, accidental or unlawful manner; allowing you to buy your ticket in complete confidentiality and security.

Security and data privacy in general and personal data in particular are based not only on technical solutions but also on good practices. This is why we encourage you to not disclose your password to third parties, always disconnect from your profile and your social account (especially if linked accounts) and close the browser window at the end of your session, especially if you access the internet from a computer station shared with other people. This will prevent other users from accessing your personal information.

We strongly advise you not to distribute to third parties or publish on social networks any document issued by Nouvelair containing your personal data (your boarding pass, booking number or ticket number, ...)

VII. Use of Cookies

A cookie is a simple file on the hard disk of the computer of a user to request the server managing the visited website. It contains information on navigation done on the pages of this website. The original idea is to facilitate the future use of the site by the same person. When using our website, the browser on your device records 4 types of cookies:

  • Operating Cookies: They are essential to the use of the site, they allow you to use the main features of the website and the mobile site, such as buying tickets or access to your personal space. By disabling the use of cookies, you can not benefit from these features. These cookies do not collect any personal data.

  • Performance cookies: They allow us to optimize our website and to detect any technical problems you may encounter. They allow us to gather information about how you use the site, including the number of visits per page, the number of displayed error messages, time spent on a page, or the number of clicks on an area of site. The information stored can not be used for commercial purposes.

  • Cookie customization: They allow us to remember your choices and preferences such as your home country, your language, the last trip you booked, ...

  • Marketing cookies: They allow us to offer the best what you need and provide you with the most relevant marketing communications. To this end, we can store your data and use by creating user profiles for market research, improving the quality of our website and our services, development services, evaluation of success of our marketing campaigns and adapt services to your needs.

If your computer or your mobile is used by several people, or if it has multiple browsers, it is possible that the content displayed to other users match your preferences. At any time, you may object to the use of your data to build profiles of use for this it is left you can adjust and change your cookie settings for your browser.

VIII. How to exercise your rights

In accordance with applicable regulations for the protection of personal data, you may at any time exercise your right to access and correct data about you and your rights limitation and opposition to treatment and portability commercial purposes of your personal data.

For any questions regarding data protection, to exercise your rights, contact the delegate to data protection, as mandated Nouvelair, by sending an e-mail to the address below. Contact delegate to data protection:

Mailing Address: Tourist Zone Dkhila, 5065 Monastir- Tunisia Tel: 00216 70020900 Fax: 00216 73520650

IX. Changing our Privacy Policy

Nouvelair reserves the right to change the privacy policy, the updated version will be published on our website:www.nouvelair.com. This version was developed on 05/21/2018.