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[mobile] Privacy policy

1-Privacy policy of the site

Our airline follows strict security procedures regarding the storage and disclosure of the information we hold about our passengers.

Protection of personal data

In order to allow you access to services on its website, Nouvelair may collect and process personal data about you. However, Nouvelair is subject to rules which protect the privacy of its passengers, prospective clients and visitors to its website. Personal data are processed to allow you access to its services; this is done in accordance with current regulations.


Your data may nevertheless be sent to authorized Tunisian or foreign public authorities (customs, immigration, border police, the police, etc) in the interests of completing administrative procedures aimed at preventing non-payment, fraud, and so on.

How we use the data we collect.

Any personal details you send us on the site are used mainly to book and purchase tickets and provide everyday and specific services, including: transport services, market research, sales events, marketing information, surveys, competitions, updating of new products and services and statistical studies.


However, we may sometimes also have to disclose your personal details to contracted companies acting on our behalf, such as data-processing companies, service providers including hotels and car-hire companies.

You are reminded that Nouvelair has no control over the confidentiality policy of the sites of our partners


Your details may also be used to enable you to enjoy all the services available on our website: newsletter, bookings management, help, claims, etc.


We might also use your data to target any information we provide, alerts, offers and other types of service more closely to your interests.


You may, of course, ask Nouvelair at any time to change or delete your personal data from our database. To do that, you should complete the contact form on our website.


2-Processing of personal information required by authorities

In accordance with Article L 237 -6 of French Internal Security Code, please be informed that air carriers may transmit reservation, checking and boarding data collected from their passengers ( API/PNR) to the French national public services and competent authorities for the purposes and under conditions as defined in the Decret N° 2014-1095 dated 26/09/2014