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Manchester, capital of the North

With a strong ambition and proud of its many assets, Manchester is - by its history and its geography - the second city of England (before Birmingham). But if you ask a Mancunian what he thinks to be second, he will surely answer you: "I don't know, ask a Londoner".

Beyond this spirit of bluster, the crownless capital of the North fully deserves its title. Rich in history and culture, it offers countless museums and galleries. It’s a city where you don’t get bored: come and dine, drink, dance and get carried away in a whirlwind of hedonism, one of Manchester’s most treasured features.. 


Museum of Science & industry :

Manchester’s rich industrial heritage is honored in this huge, exciting museum housed in the old Liverpool Street train station. The history of the city and the Industrial Revolution are traced through a large collection of steam engines, locomotives and old machines. 



National Football Museum :  

City of the great prestigious clubs of the North, ManU and ManCity, Manchester is proud of this huge museum which traces the evolution of British football from its beginnings to today's football business. The Football Plus series of interactive simulation stations will put your skills to the test.



Manchester Art Gallery :  

The city’s great art museum is devoted to British art and the works of great European masters. It notably has an admirable collection of the Pre-Raphaelite school, as well as paintings by great Flemish and early Renaissance artists.

Lowry :  

This modern cultural center receives more than a million visitors a year to its performance halls, bars, restaurants and shops. It hosts all kinds of events: hit plays, comedy shows or youth shows ... and even weddings!




Manchester's history has seen this city pass from a small Roman fort to one of the most important industrial cities in the United Kingdom and even in the world. The city of Manchester began to grow at an astonishing speed in the 19th century, thanks to the strong development of the textile industry during the industrial revolution.

Manchester saw the birth of the first railway station to transport passengers, as well as other scientific achievements. But in the middle of the 20th century the industrial economy of the city began to decline, which caused important social problems. The city still remains today a major post-industrial city in the United Kingdom, following various investments.




Visits :

  • People’s History Museum
  • Imperial War Museum North 
  • Old Trafford, Manchester United FC stadium
  • Ettihad Stadium, Manchester City FC stadium
  • People’s History Museum 



Rail and buses and their dense network are the best ways to travel to and around Manchester. The bus is even free in the city center.

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Practical information

Manchester is forever under the spell of rain and thus, it makes it the most humid city in England. However, Manchester is worth a visit throughout the year. The high season runs from May to August and during the winter month of December.


Except for the summer when temperatures are mild, Raincoats and umbrellas are mandatory for the rest of the year.


Manchester is 3h40mns away from Enfidha Airport


From the beginning of April to the end of September no time difference with Tunisia (GMT+1). From the start of October to the end of March, Manchester is one hour behind Tunisia (GMT)


English is the main language


British Pound (GBP)


Manchester International Airport is 15 km South-West of Manchester.