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A place to relax , a place to be

Nestled on a pretty peninsula, Mahdia is a small town with a medina and fishing port that will charm visitors. A former Carthaginian trading post, and built on a peninsula, Mahdia boasts a medina with a timeless appeal. The Dars are genuine masterpieces, with their whitewashed walls and their green and blue doors.

Every Friday, the weavers and embroiders bring out their colorful traditional dress for the visitors’ enjoyment. From the town ramparts, you can watch the fisherman’s small boats as they head out at sunset. At night, the candles from these boats provide a fascinating spectacle. Further afield, the fine sand beaches draw holidaymakers for relaxing or sporting holidays. Mahdia is a widely recognized place for scuba diving enthusiasts, thanks to the shipwreck that was discovered there in 1907 revealing its cargo of ancient treasure.


About Mahdia

The ancient Fatimid port
The port is an authentic monument packed with wonders and will reveal to you the secrets of the Fatimid civilization.

ancient Fatimid port

Skifa El Kahla 
Known by the name of “Skifa El Khala” or even “Bab Zouila” is the town’s most famous site, a large fortified gate dating back to the 10th century. When the weekly market is on, it is transformed into a genuine Ali Baba’s cave worthy of the Thousand and One Nights; fabrics, silks, gold decoration and traditional dress are all on display here. A chance to admire the traditional female dress of Mahdia, undoubtedly the finest in Tunisia, characterized by the radiance of brightly colored silks and the magnificence of the gold thread embroidery.

mahdia  skifa kahla

The marine cemetery
Mahdia’s splendid marine cemetery offers its visitors a sense of peace and tranquility. It offers a truly stunning view: The sea stretches out as far as the eye can see, the nearby ruins of the “Sour” and the lighthouse perched on the hill…


Originally built on a peninsula 1,400 meters long and 500 meters wide, it was home to one of the region’s first ports. From the time of the Carthaginians to the time of the Fatimids, it served as a trading post with two main functions: commerce and control of this part of the Mediterranean.
The town was successively known as Jemma, Aphrodisium and Cap Africa. The town only gained its current name during the time of the first Fatimid caliph Ubayd Allah al-Mahdi, who ordered the establishment of Mahdia, which took five years to complete. The town then became the capital of the Fatimids

Mahdia Medina


Cap Afrique  for lovers of scuba diving
Wellness centers 
The region offers two thalassotherapy centers with a large range of treatments.


You can also use the train linking Monastir airport and Mahdia to visit the entire coast of Tunisia’s Sahel region.

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Under 12 years
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Practical information
Best time to visit

Mahdia’s Mediterranean climate makes it ideal to visit all year round.
Winter is mild and it can be quite hot in summer.

What to wear?

From spring to fall, take light clothing.
Have a sweater ready for cool evenings, especially in mid-season.
In summer, pack a hat, scarf and sunglasses and sun screen.

Time zone

GMT + 1.


Arabic is the official language. But Tunisians speak a dialect that is infused with western languages.
French is widely spoken.

Flight times

The major French cities are around a 2-hour flight from Monastir.

Other European cities are less than a 4-hour flight away.

Airport Information

Monastir airport is 1 hour by car from the town of Mahdia.
Check-in opens two and a half hours before departure


Tunisian dinar (TND)