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The more you travel ... the more you will be traveling!

You earned points? Enjoy it today. Use your points to book until the last seat available with nouvelair. The number of points required is calculated according to the price of the chosen ticket.



Flights that you book using your points are called reward tickets. You pay in points the amount of the reward ticket excluding tax, and then in money to cover the taxes.
To book a reward ticket for yourself or for any person of your choice, please visit our points of sale or contact our jasmin team.


Once the reward ticket is issued, the number of points corresponding to the requested award will be debited from your account.

Pay with points or with cash & points

You don't have enough points to book your next reward? Do not worry! You can pay a part of your ticket using your reward points and pay the rest in money.

The combination of cash & points will help you  to book your reward even if you do not have enough reward points.


Reward tickets are subject to the terms and conditions of the jasmin program

Read jasmin's terms & conditions