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Whatever your destination, whenever you fly and whatever the fare chosen, you will earn at least one reward point and one tier point for each dinar spent -excluding taxes- on the nouvelair scheduled flights.

01. The number of jasmin points earned depends on the fare chosen at the time of booking. 
This gives you a 50% bonus if you go for the Easy bundle and a 75% bonus if you book the Flex bundle.

02. If you travel on a flight offering a single fare, jasmin loyalty program has not forgotten you, you will also receive a 50% bonus on each dinar spent.

03. You can also earn jasmin points by booking our services such as a seat, excess baggage or an on-board meal. Indulge yourself and earn more points!

04. When paying your ticket or services in a currency other than the Tunisian dinar, the amount of your purchase will be converted to TND, and used to calculate the jasmin points that will be credited on your balance.

05. Your previous flights will also be taken into account. You can retroactively credit your account for flights made up to 2 months before your enrolment date.

For example:
As a jasmin member, how many reward points will you earn when you book a ticket worth 700 TND excluding tax?