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Family Account

You earn reward points and tier points individually for each dinar you spend, but we also know that you often travel with your family and friends. That's why we've done our best to make it so rewarding to travel with them.

You are a family? You want pool your points in the same account? Your loyalty jasmin program now offers you the account "My family".

Create your account "My family" now.

The advantage ? automatic points pooling in one account will give you quicker access to award tickets and other awards such as excess baggage, seat reservations, onboard meal choices, etc.

You pool your earned points on the flights taken after the family account creation date.

Create an account

To create a family account, please sign in to your jasmin account.

To create your family account, you must first choose and appoint the head of the family. This person must already be a member of the jasmin program. As a head of family, he will receive all account communications and will be the only person who can add or remove members.

All reward points earned by "My family" will be pooled into the head family account. Only the head of the family will be then able to use the reward points.