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On board tips

To ensure that you have a pleasant trip on our aircraft, we have asked the advice of doctors familiar with our sector and summarized the experience of several seasoned travelers.
Make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to avoid long queues at check-in and at the border police and security controls.


Stay hydrated

Humidity inside a plane is lower than normal. To avoid headaches, tiredness and above all dehydration of the nose, throat and eyes, it is important to drink water and fruit juice regularly. You should also moisten your face to prevent your skin drying out but also have a sweater or scarf to hand.

Nouvelair mal de l'air

Avoid air sickness

Don’t let your journey be spoiled by air sickness. For your comfort on board and to prevent nausea, perspiration and dizziness, select a seat near the center of the aircraft where you will be least affected by turbulence, and keep your mind occupied by listening to music.

Nouvelair bouger

Remember to move about

Staying seated for hours at a time slows down the blood circulation. To make sure you are fresh and rested when you land, you are advised to stimulate the blood circulation during the flight. Avoid curling up on your seat or crossing your legs and make sure you stretch now and again to relax tense muscles.

Nouvelair Voyager confortablement

Travel in comfort

For maximum comfort, wear light, loose-fitting clothes and avoid tight socks and belts so as not to restrict blood circulation.
Feet can swell up at altitude. Once you are settled in your seat, unfasten your seatbelt. You are also advised to wear glasses rather than contact lenses.
If you want to sleep during the flight, bring a travel cushion (neck rest), ear plugs and a sleep mask.

Nouvelair Rester zen

Stay zen

A journey can be long. If you are likely to suffer from stress, you should bring something to do during the flight: a novel, magazines, crossword or Sudoku puzzle. If you have not brought anything with you, we can give you our in-flight magazine “Destination Magazine”.
If you are travelling with children, make sure you give them chewing-gum which can help prevent ear pain during the descent before landing.