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Vol à destination de Djerba : Rendez-vous dans l’île enchantée

En vous proposant des vols aux meilleurs prix pour Djerba, Nouvelair vous accompagne en toute sécurité vers une île qui associe les plaisirs balnéaires au charme d’une histoire plurimillénaire.


According to Homer, Djerba’s charm has always been lauded. The island of Lotophages is a favoured tourist destination blessed with an exceptional charm. Its mild climate is legendary and it has absolutely typical architecture. The air is so mild there in Djerba that the French author Flaubert wrote that it "keeps you from dying". The Carthaginians named it Meninx. 25km long and 22km across, Djerba however has its own character, traditions, manners and modesty.
The traditional “menzel” house is one of its wonders. It also has outstanding examples of architecture in its mosques, wells and weaving workshops. Many people there still live in the “Haouche”, a kind of enclosure comprising a garden, stable and farmyard beside the dwelling house. Water is channelled there along the Roman road.
Djerba is home to the Ghriba - the oldest synagogue in Africa (rebuilt in 1920), which attracts thousands of Jewish pilgrims every year in mid-May.
ZARZIS, around 40km away by road, is in many ways like the island of Djerba. The beaches there are still wild and natural, the houses are whitewashed and architecture is integrated into nature.
Where to visit: the museums of popular traditions and customs and of archaeology:
- GUELLALA: market town famous for its pottery workshops (earthenware jars and water jugs, cooking utensils, ornamental trinkets etc.). The pottery is either cream or red coloured depending on whether the clay is mixed with fresh water or salt water.
- GUELLALA MUSEUM: halfway between the Ghriba synagogue and the Meninx archaeological site, the centre is a museum of art and Tunisian arts and crafts heritage where aesthetics and discipline are allied, a million miles from the quaint clichés. The various wings retrace the history of Djerba and its habits and customs.
- HOUMT SOUK: the main administrative town has a population of over 40 000. Its preserved architecture is well-matched.

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