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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Saint Augustine said. Traveling can help you discover the culture of the country you are visiting. If you talk to locals, you will probably learn more about their thoughts, habits, traditions and history. If you travel, you will learn not only foreign cultures, but yours as well. You will notice the different customs and discover what makes your culture unique.

Book a plane ticket with Nouvelair to enjoy the best travel conditions and discover Tunis, Paris, Munich, Nice Hammamet, Stockholm and more than 30 countries worldwide.

Find the destination of your next trip from the list of destinations served by Nouvelair.

Destination Marseille - Nouvelair


At the gates of the Côte d’Azur : The port of entry to Provence, Marseille’s heart beats to the multicultural rhythm of the Mediterranean.
Destination Monastir - Nouvelair


Perched on the Sahel coastline : With Monastir airport nearby, this is an ideal area for a relaxing or activity holiday.
Destination Moscou - Nouvelair


A city built around the Kremlin : There is a sense of calm in finding yourself in front of Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square.
Destination Paris - Nouvelair


Flying from Tunis, Monastir and Djerba, Nouvelair takes you on a journey of discovery to the City of Light
Destination Tunis - Nouvelair


Barely a stone’s throw from mythical Carthage, the village of Sidi-Bou-Saïd has a charm of its own.