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In addition to your checked baggage allowance, you are allowed to carry hand luggage on board. You can take luggage along with you in the cabin, as long as it does not compromise security and meets our weight and size measurements. .

Cabin baggage allowance

From/TO Allowance Maximum Pieces Maximum Dimensions*
France 10 kg 1 piece 55cm x 35cm x 25cm
Algeria 10 kg
Turkey 8 Kg
Other destinations 5 kg

* Please ensure that any items you wish to take as cabin baggage have the right size to fit in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front of you.

Take more on board

Along with your cabin baggage, you are permitted to carry one other personal item into the cabin free of charge, such as a women’s handbag, camera, baby seat, laptop, or umbrella, as well as articles bought from the duty- free the day of you flight.

Prohibited items on board.

According to the international flight rules, there are certain restrictions relating to cabin baggage. To ensure you enjoy a trouble-free flight, please check the list below for any prohibited items or materials you may be carrying in your cabin baggage.

Items allowed in the cabin Items banned in the cabin
Medicines (Both solid and liquid medicines must be kept in their original packaging and be accompanied by a medical certificate). All firearms and all type of weapon.
Baby food (Infants must be accompanied. You are only permitted to carry enough solid or liquid baby food to meet your child’s needs during the journey). Toy guns or gun-shaped lighters.
Any object that could stimulate a bullet, or make any injury.
Breathing Equipments (You must contact us to make sure that your machine is on the approved list). All types of scissors or penknives.
Cosmetic items (cream, lotions, mascara, blusher) Self-defense items such as electroshock devices and pepper spray
Shaving foam, toothpaste. Chemical and toxic substances such as:
acids and alkaloids (ex.: electrolyte cells and batteries).
Contact lens fluids. Perishable food:
Perishable products like fish, meat, vegetables, fruits... are prohibited in the hold and cabin .
Olive oil is also prohibited in the hold and cabin.
  All types of blunt instruments (golf clubs, baseball or cricket bat).


Liquids brought into the cabin must be in containers with a capacity no greater than 100 ml. We should add that these liquids must be carried in a sealable, transparent plastic bag of a capacity no greater than 1L, and you may only carry one of these bags with you during the flight.


To avoid any problems during your journey, please pay attention to all our instructions regarding baggage. As baggage requirements are different for every flight, you will find on your ticket all informations related to your baggage allowance.

Checked baggage allowance

From / To  Light Easy Flex
Adult /child Infant Adult /child Infant Adult /child Infant
France 0 Kg 10 Kg  25 kg 10 kg 30 kg 10 kg


From/To Allowance
Adult / child Infant
Algeria 30 kg 10 kg
Turkey 40 Kg
Other destinations 20 kg

Infant (up to 2 years old) are entitled to 10 kg of checked baggage on each flight. In addition to this allowance, we also authorize the carriage of a stroller on all our flights.

The baggage allowance for child passengers (2 to 12 years old) is the same as for adults.

The maximum weight per baggage on all our flights is 32 kg. Baggage weighing more than 32 kg will be accepted for a fee.

Lost luggage:

If your baggage is damaged, delayed or lost, report it immediately to the Baggage Litigation Department at the arrival airport before crossing the customs zone. An irregularity baggage report (called Property Irregularity Report – PIR), will be given to you at the arrival station.


If the weight and/or dimensions of your baggage exceeds the baggage allowance limitations, there is no need to worry. You can take advantage of our excess baggage tariffs and enjoy the benefits of travelling with.

The total weight of checked baggage must not exceed 50 Kg per passenger.

A- Online rates

  Levels Price



Up to 5 Kg

From 6 Kg up to 10 Kg


30 €

50 €


Other destinations

Up to 5 Kg

From 6 Kg up to 10 Kg

From 11 Kg up to 15 Kg

From 16 Kg up to 20 Kg

From 21 Kg up to 25 Kg

From 26 Kg up to 30 Kg

From 31 Kg up to 35 Kg

From 36 Kg up to 40 Kg

From 41 Kg up to 45 Kg

From 46 Kg up to 50 Kg

10 €

20 €

30 €

50 €

65 €

85 €

110 €

140 €

180 €

250 €

B- Airport rate

At the time of check-in, the excess baggage charge is as follows :

France 5 € / Kg
Other destinations 7 € / Kg                              

The total weight of checked baggage must not exceed 50kg per passenger.



Musical instrument

We know how important your professional activities and hobbies are to you and, as such, we accept on board your musical equipment in order to make your travel easier and more enjoyable.

Musical instrument transport in cabin

The small instruments like guitars, violins and saz whose length, depth and width that doesn’t exceed 115cm (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) can be carried in the cabin free of charge.

If you need to transport musical instruments that do not comply with these regulations, you will need to purchase an additional seat. The combined dimensions (length + width + depth) of the musical instrument for which you have purchased a seat must not exceed 50 cm x 50 cm x 67 cm, and the maximum weight is 75 kg. Please contact us to make a reservation for such instrument.

Transport of musical equipment in the hold

The musical instrument that doesn't comply with cabin transport limitations could be transported in the hold as a registered luggage. The restrictions about size and weight of the luggage in the hold will apply.

We know that transporting musical instruments requires special care and, as such, we mark them as fragile and take extra care while loading and unloading them from the aircraft. Make sure to pack your instrument in a hard case before checking it in or carrying it into the cabin in order to prevent it from getting damaged. Nouvelair will not be responsible in case of damage.

Sports Equipments:

Take your sports equipment with you wherever you go while still enjoying a comfortable flight.
Price list of sports equipment:

  Weight Price Items
Golf Bag Up to 15 kg


Other Sports Equipments Up to 15kg


Windsurf, kayak, hang gliding, Bike, shooting, diving equipment…

Beyond 15 kg, additional kilos will be considered as an excess baggage.

To avoid damage during the flight, your sports equipment will be tagged as fragile items. In addition, to protect them from damage, we recommend that you carefully pack your equipment before returning it to the luggage counter. Nouvelair will not be liable for any damage.